Plastic Pack Products


We offer you an extensive extensive amount of options no matter what type of package you need for your products. Whether you are looking for a clear plastic clamshell or a dual ovenable CPET tray, we can provide the packaging solution you need. Not sure which is the best suited item for you, let us help, we’ll personalize the solution and tailor it to your needs.

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4 Cell 4 Pack Muffin Cupcake Clamshell

Clamshells or Hinged Plastic Containers

-Single Cell

-Multi cell

-Perimeter seal for shelf life enhancement

Single cupcake clamshell cupcake package

Cupcake Packaging

-Single and 12 Cell Hinged Cupcake Clamshells, Mini Hinged Cupcake Clamshells

For more info on our cupcake packaging, visit our online store.

3 compartment lidded sealable plastic trayClear Food Service Trays

-Sealable, food service, open cell trays, multiple cell trays

-Cookie trays, biscotti trays, cracker trays


Single compartment ovenable hot black tray

CPET Dual Ovenable Trays

-Oven safe packaging up to 400° F

-Single compartment, hamburger style & hot dog style trays


Catering Platter, Dome LidCaterware

-Variety of sizes of catering bases & domes