Plastic Pack Solutions

We offer the personalized approach for your packaging solution.

Custom Designs
With the most current design technologies at our fingertips, our designers utilize Solid Works and other powerful programs to help you conceptualize your package design. Give us your product specifics and we can even model your product in our drawings. Our sales representatives work hand in hand with our expert design and tooling team to ensure the proper design for your package. Don’t worry, we provide production samples (prototypes) prior to your first order for your approval.

Rapid Prototypes
Plastic Package uses 3D printing technology to create prototypes quickly for our clients.  Our design team is fully equipped to conceptualize custom designs based on the specification of our customer needs.  The design model is then used to print a sample of what the final packaging will look like within 2 weeks!  This is our way of keeping up with the fast paced needs of our clients.

We’re material neutral; Bottom line is we’ll provide you with the best material for your product. Let us help you in what can be a confusing world of plastics. Our strategic domestic and global supply sources provide us the ability to offer a variety of material solutions to the perfect package for you. Whether you need a sustainable, printed, or cost effective option, we work with you to find the right fit for the package you are looking for. Material options include virgin, industrial recycled, and post-consumer recycled plastics. Bio-based and a variety of color options are also available.

Inventory & Delivery Programs
Not a lot of space or an urgent order that just came through? We can be the supplier that makes it happen. By building a stocking program tailored around your specific needs, we can deliver weekly or respond quickly to last minute orders.
Complimentary delivery is available to most areas within California. Our fleet delivers to most of California on a weekly basis.