School is Out

School is out and summer is here!  However, your dutiful tasks as a food service professional are just getting started.  With summer feeding programs and preparing for the start of the next school year you’ve got your hands full: supply orders for the summer, fall supply orders, oh and don’t forget making sure your orders align with your fiscal year structure!  We know all about it here at Plastic Package, Inc.  We know that the end and start of the school year can be quite hectic.  Many of you are ramping up your packaging inventory so you’re ready for the start of the school year, and dealing with the fiscal paperwork can be a headache!  That’s why we make it easier on you.  How so?  By reviewing our customer’s usage trends and communicating with our customers regarding current and upcoming packaging needs, we ramp up our inventory to coincide with the spikes in demand during this time of year.  We anticipate our customers’ needs far in advance and we start thinking about the end of school year right after Winter break.  Our factory runs the selection of Serving Your Solution items year round along with the myriad of other products we offer. Planning ahead is key in ensuring that we can meet your demands at your pace and when you need it!  Because we offer a variation of dual-ovenable packaging, cold trays, salad trays and more, you can rest assured knowing that we can meet your food service needs.  Give us a call today and allow us to show you how we can make your summer food service program easier to manage! And hey, maybe you can have some extra time to enjoy the summer sunshine.


Stay Healthy,

The Lunch Lady Wannabe