I’m a Lunch Lady Wannabe

I’m a Lunch Lady Wannabe.  I’ve earned my nickname.  The result of countless hours, weeks, MONTHS at my day job of being a Marketing Coordinator in trying to absorb the endless rules, regulations, legislative action mandates and updates that are constantly being juggled by food service professionals. Yet, they so gracefully tackle the daily feat of feeding our school age children.  Well… I don’t actually feed any children… yet… But my point is that I feel so connected with our school nutrition professionals because of the program we have developed to aid in traveling the maze that our school nutrition professionals face regularly.  Our program, , is a direct result of having identified the challenges and obstacles faced in developing the individual feeding programs at any given school nutrition site.  A couple of years ago, we initiated the program that we would utilize as a packaging solutions provider to be a resource and guide to our school lunch ladies (or fellows, or lunch heroes… you get my drift).  In my journey of filtering through and attempting to decipher the regulations implemented by the USDA, I discovered that although my search began as a market research initiative, the same journey was being had by school nutrition professionals.  Gradually, my involvement with the school nutrition programs grew, as did my passion and enthusiasm for school nutrition.  As long standing industry members of the CSNA Mother Lode Chapter #45, our presence was mediocre at best.  Now, Plastic Package is really placing our best foot forward by getting in the trenches and truly immersing ourselves with our school feeding programs.  By allowing ourselves to marinate (pun intended) within the school lunch programs in our community, we can offer solutions that matter. After all, how can we provide a solution, when we didn’t even understand the challenges of our customers?  I don’t claim that I can ever truly be real school nutrition professional nor do I claim that I can do the job as well as they do.  I don’t claim to be the expert or the know it all.  However, as a Lunch Lady Wannabe, I can help you solve the everyday challenges faced with school nutrition programs.  Come on, just ask me how.

Stay Healthy,

The Lunch Lady Wannabe