Hey! That LOOKS Good!

“Hey! That LOOKS Good!”

Is this a phrase you hear as your kids make their way through your lunch line? Well, it should be!  As you all have been hearing, the Smarter Lunchroom Movement (SLM) is all about promoting healthy eating choices among your school nutrition participants by making small changes in your space. Easier said than done is what I hear from the groans of change-resistant kitchen staff.  Well, for all you nay sayers, I’m here to tell you that it’s easy to improve the perception your kids have about the food your serve them on a daily basis.  SLM says that there are 6 guiding principles to influence better eating choices among your participants. I want to show you a way that you can meet 5 out of 6 of these principles using our packaging solutions!  I’ll show you how I did it and the reactions I received at a recent tradeshow.

Last Friday, April 4th, Plastic Package/Serving Your Solution, exhibited at the CASBO Annual Conference that took place here in Sacramento, CA.  I wanted to take this opportunity to show case what I had learned recently at the CSNA Mother Lode Meeting regarding SLM.  So we got to work and pre-packed veggie mixes, salads and mixed fruit into the recommended portion sizes.  

Manage Portion Sizes: 

Increase Convenience:

We then sealed our containers using clear film on our HS+ Sealing Machine.

Bonus: We can even customize the film by adding custom printed school mascots, the name of your catering cafe, and using your school colors. 

Bonus: By using the HS + sealing machine, we improved our productivity by sealing 6 packs vs. every 2 packs on our small table top sealing machine.

We then organized the pre-packs in a way that made them visually appealing by standing them up on their sides so that participants could actually see what’s inside.  We made sure the veggies and fruit options were colorful and bright to set the expectation of fresh and tasty food.

Improve Visibility: 

Enhance Taste Expectations: 

Our salads were packed with the condiments in an insert just like you would see at a deli or health food store.  The salad and condiments were set up in an all in one kit. 

Set Smart Pricing Strategies: 

The only principle we didn’t follow on this was Utilizing Suggestive Selling.  Because we didn’t actually have a real lunchroom where purchases are being made, we were not able to implement this step.

Even so, the results we saw were amazing.  Even when conference attendees did not have any interest in what we were selling because they were in non-food service departments, they would stop and say “Wow! I would eat that” or “That looks tasty” or “That looks good”.  The attendees that represented the school nutrition programs in their districts were even more impressed.  Especially when we showed them how these measures not only increased consumption and participation, but it also allowed them to implement measures to improve efficiency and lower their costs! Say What?! You heard me right.  What I learned first-hand is what many schools throughout the US are finding out.  It’s easy to make small changes and get kids to make healthier eating choices.  What I’m here to show you is how you can save money and time by doing so.  Talk about a Win-Win.  Contact me today and let me show you a way to make your lunchroom smarter!

Stay Healthy,

Lunch Lady Wannabe