California School Nutrition 2014 Conference

Just finishing up our annual exhibit at the CSNA Conference and I must say, what a fantastic event!  The CSNA Annual Conference 2014 was held at the Sacramento Convention Center and was off to a bit of a rainy start as participants lined up to go on the local city tour.  Plastic Package sponsored part of the tour and graciously hosted about 55 food service professionals at our facility last week.  What great fun!


CSNA 2014 Tour at Plastic Package, Inc.

CSNA Conference Tour Participants @ Plastic Package, Inc.

Participant got a chance to come and see how we manufacture the trays used in school nutrition packaging programs statewide.  Also on site were demonstrations of the different packaging machine solutions.  We also made sure we added some fun to the event by having a raffle for three different prizes.  Congrats to our winners!

The fun and excitement didn’t end there.  The next day was the start of the conference and exhibitor displays.  So as we wrapped up our visit at the plant, we all rushed to the convention center to finalize our booth display.  On Friday’s opening, I think we were still putting the final touches on our booth!  Every bit of it was worthwhile.  We loved seeing all the familiar faces of California’s school nutrition professionals that we’ve come to know and that have made our Serving Your Solution program so successful. 

iPad Mini Winner: Paula Barajas, Pajaro Valley USD

The conference also gave us the opportunity for another raffle on Saturday at the close of the show.  We gave away coffee mugs, aprons and an iPad Mini.  Congratulations to the iPad grand prize winner, Paula Barajas, Food Service Supervisor at Pajaro Valley USD!  Have a wonderful retirement!

We look forward to next year’s show and hope to see everyone there again (except for Paula, as she’ll be enjoying her retirement)!

Stay Healthy,

Wannabe School Lunch Lady