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Join Plastic Package, Inc. as we learn what it’s like to walk in the shoes of a school nutrition professional.  Check back often for updates, resources that you can use for your school nutrition program and more!


November 17, 2014  

Just finishing up our annual exhibit at the CSNA Conference and I must say, what a fantastic event!  The CSNA Annual Conference 2014 was held at the Sacramento Convention Center and was off to a bit of a rainy start as participants lined up to go on the local city tour.  Plastic Package sponsored part of the tour and graciously hosted about 55 food service professionals at our facility last week.  What great fun!

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September 5, 2014  

The new school year is underway and we know you are right in the midst of ramping up your school nutrition program for the upcoming months.  Saving time and money is of the essence, especially during the busiest times of the year.  That’s why we’ve put together the top 3 nutrition packaging products from Plastic Package that can do just that. Take a look at our showcase of school nutrition packaging items and don’t forget we have an extensive variety of options. So if what you’re looking for is not listed, just give me a call!

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June 20, 2014  

School is out and summer is here!  However, your dutiful tasks as a food service professional are just getting started.  With summer feeding programs and preparing for the start of the next school year you’ve got your hands full: supply orders for the summer, fall supply orders, oh and don’t forget making sure your orders align with your fiscal year structure!  We know all about it here at Plastic Package, Inc.  We know that the end and start of the school year can be quite hectic.

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April 8, 2014 

“Hey! That LOOKS Good!”

Is this a phrase you hear as your kids make their way through your lunch line? Well, it should be!  As you all have been hearing, the Smarter Lunchroom Movement (SLM) is all about promoting healthy eating choices among your school nutrition participants by making small changes in your space. Easier said than done is what I hear from the groans of change-resistant kitchen staff.  Well, for all you nay sayers, I’m here to tell you that it’s easy to improve the perception your kids have about the food your serve them on a daily basis.

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March 25, 2014  

I’m a Lunch Lady Wannabe.  I’ve earned my nickname as a result of having spent countless hours, weeks, MONTHS at my day job of being a Marketing Coordinator in trying to absorb the endless rules, regulations, legislative action mandates and updates that are constantly being juggled by food service professionals as they so gracefully tackle the daily feat of feeding our school age children.  Well… I don’t actually feed any children… yet…

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