Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability

Corporate Citizenship

What Defines Quality?

Quality begins long before raw materials reach Plastic Package. From the receipt of raw material to finished goods, each step in our manufacturing process is closely inspected, monitored, and documented. Through measures such as continuous improvement and quality control points, we strive to ensure a superior standard of quality in our products. Ensuring that we are quality focused is not just something we say we do, it’s something we can prove.

We take pride telling our existing and prospective customers that NSF, an independent quality auditor, has given us the quality stamp of approval.

NSD Certified

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Our commitment to sustainability is essential in the world we conduct business in today. It is evident that as Plastic Package continues to grow, it is essential to reduce our carbon footprint by making proactive strides towards a sustainable future.  Incorporating processes like a sound recycling program that effectively recycles all of our waste material and the use of environmentally friendly custodial supplies allows us to maintain sustainability throughout our facility.

Eco Friendly Material Options
Because of our strong commitment to sustainability, we understand the importance of offering sustainable plastic material options the custom packaging solutions we provide.  Offering materials like Recycled PET (RPET) allows us to reduce our carbon footprint as well as that of our customers.  To Learn more about how RPET can reduce the impacts made to the environment compared to non-recycled materials use the links below:

PDF  Recycled PET: Sustainable Options in Thermoforming

PDF  Recycled PET Fact Sheet

Solar Powered Energy System
In 2009 we installed a solar powered energy system that allows us to further enhance our sustainability program.

Link  Track our Progress


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